Ed Sheeran "not too fussed" about winning a Grammy Award

05/02/2015 Music

Ed Sheeran has said that he is "not too fussed" about winning a Grammy Award.

The singer-songwriter explained that he's not expecting to win an award at the 57th annual ceremony on Sunday (February 8).

"Just being nominated for a Grammy - all the artists say this I know - but honestly I'm not too fussed about winning, just because I probably won't! I never win anything," Sheeran told Capital FM.

"I won the year of the Brits because I was a male and not Adele - she won everything else! And I got the VMA because Pharrell didn't turn up [and] I did. They said, 'He's not here, do you want it?'"

Sheeran also tipped Sam Smith as his favourite for success at the awards, saying: "I think Sam will win a large amount of them. I don't think he's gonna walk away with nothing."


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